Recycled Crayons

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I’ve always been a fan of recycling.  Well, really, I’m just a fan of more responsible consumption.  But when it seems unreasonable to expect from people and companies, I’ll take recycling as a close second, and especially if it can be made to pay for itself.

Truth me known, I prefer free-cycling.  You have things that fit my kids?  I’ll take ‘em!!!  When my kids outgrow things, I like to give them away to specific people.  There is no need for intermediary companies like GoodWill and such.  (I dislike them, actually.)  Sure, they can play a role in distribution of things, but they aren’t a charity.  They’re a business.  I find it much more rewarding, and more efficient, to provide used goods to others as directly as possible.  There is a chance I’ll get more credit for it, but I mostly derive more enjoyment from it.  I can leave someone a box of stuff with no return address on it.  I can hand out clothes to homeless people and never see them again.  There is something wonderful about helping fellow humans, and when intermediaries are involved, it lessens that feeling for me.  I like to see the people I can help.  Helping people is part of what makes us human.

Ok, back on point here…  Kids love crayons.  I love kids.  Kids find multi-color crayons fascinating, and I kind of do too.  Here’s a simple way to recycle old crayons, and your kids will love you for it.  If they don;t, then give those recycled crayons to kids who will.

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